Using Technology to Bring Towing to You

Technology and the Towing Industry

Have you ever driven passed a gnarly accident on the freeway and wondered how it was going to get cleaned up? Well at Pepe’s, Towing Service, we make it a point to bring you along for the fun. We don’t just want to go on calls, we want you to be part of the experience. Which is why we use some of the best technology available to bring you along with us on some of our craziest calls. Not only are we known for our heavy-duty towing services throughout Los Angeles, but we provide a different perspective utilizing the newest camera technology, setting us apart from the rest of the towing industry.

Pepe’s Towing Service and the Technology We Use in the Field

When we started our YouTube channel, we wanted to bring Pepe’s to the people, allowing them to experience and see what we deal with first-hand every day on the job. You wouldn’t believe some of the situations we get called to. We want to be leaders in the industry not just because we have some of the best custom equipment around, but because we bring something different to the table.

There are many situations that arise when you’re out in the field, things that you don’t plan for and recoveries that call for outside the box thinking. Instead of shying away from bringing you with us, we want you to see what we do and how we do it, like you’re right there with us. We like to think we’re putting our personal touch on the towing industry.

How do we do that? Well we have been utilizing cutting edge technology since we started our YouTube channel. At the time, it was a GoPro MAX that our manager, Josh Acosta, would mount on his helmet when he responded to calls. It has since evolved with the advancement of camera and video technology. Now we’re able to go on calls with our GoPro Max, which allows us to not only shoot footage, but allows our viewers to experience that footage in 360 VR from the comfort of their own homes.

We also have an awesome DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone that does a lot of the legwork for us on our most difficult jobs. Car over the side of a mountain? No problem. We just send the drone out there to see what exactly we’re working with and plan a recovery. The technology we use allows us to solve towing problems while being able to see the full scope of what we’re dealing with in order to complete the most difficult jobs.

And on top of all that, we have Big Flipper and Hulk outfitted with fully loaded fridges. During long summer days, being able to go into the truck and grab a Monster, a cold water or some food is a huge perk. There’s no other towing company out there that has fully loaded fridges.

Want to see what we’re talking about? Watch this video in the highest quality possible and see how 360 virtual reality technology is not only making our calls way more fun (for you all), but showcasing our equipment in a much more experiential way. As technology gets more advanced, we’re able to take our audience along with us in a way we never thought possible. And we promise that we’re going to continue to do so.

Work with a Cutting-Edge Towing Company

Pepe’s Towing Service is a leader in the heavy-duty towing industry. With one of the most robust fleets in Southern California including Big Flipper, the only 75-ton rotator in LA, and Hulk, our customized 50-ton rotator, we can respond to rollovers and recoveries and everything in between. And you get to come to. Thanks to our GoPro Max and our amazing crew. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with us on the road.