Dangers of Heavy-Duty Towing

Towing is a Risky Business

Sometimes towing can feel like a scene out of Mission Impossible, except I don’t think Tom Cruise can save us from the dangers of heavy-duty towing. Jumpstarting your battery or helping with a flat tire is not all tow truck drivers do. It takes someone who is a great multitasker, clever, strong, and incredibly focused person to be a heavy-duty tow truck operator. And on top of all this, you have to be willing to take a lot of risks to get the toughest jobs done. Even though it may not seem like it, heavy-duty towing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. But what makes towing such a tough profession to pursue?

4 Dangers of Heavy-Duty Towing

Hit and Run Possibility

Imagine walking next to cars coming toward you at 60+ mph. Scary right? Our crew does this every day working on freeways and busy streets of Los Angeles. Large truck-related fatalities reached over 800 in a study done in 2018. Working so close to traffic makes the possibility of being in a hit and run accident high. You have to be incredibly focused and aware of your surroundings ensuring the safety of yourself, your crew, and others. This is why California adopted the “Slow Down, Move Over” law to assure the safety of highway workers, law enforcement officers, emergency personnel, and tow truck drivers so accidents like hit and runs don’t occur. 

Cliff Recoveries

Arriving at a cliff recovery can be extremely dangerous. Driving up a mountain top, we may not know if there will be enough room for us to operate. Our team must secure the area before it is safe to proceed with the actual recovery because of limited space on the road. One misstep can mean a disaster for everyone. It’s crucial that our tow truck lights are consistently clean and are as bright as possible because of poor visibility on the hillside. Depending on each call, there might be a time crunch to help tie down the vehicle. So our crew must be at the top of their game in order to be as efficient as possible. Luckily, Pepe’s have the best of the best and are always ready to go. 

Unpredictable Weather

Los Angeles weather is mostly sunny throughout the year and usually doesn’t add to the towing dangers. But, on days that it’s not, it is important as a tow truck driver to be alert and aware when it is going to rain, hail, or be windy. LA county’s accident rate increases when it rains because of the build-up of roadway oil causing slippery streets. This makes it more difficult for truck drivers to operate normally because of the added risk. If you want to learn more about how Pepe’s Heavy-Duty towing operates under unpredictable weather, check out our previous blog here.

Heavy Loads

Dealing with fully loaded containers, cement mixers, construction equipment and heavy-duty machinery is something we see every day. With one of the most robust fleets in Los Angeles, we’re always on call with shifted loads, rollovers or even container lifts for jobs that pull weight from 25 tons to 75 tons, and sometimes even more than that. Working with this heavy of a load means that one mistake could be catastrophic. Safety is our number one priority on every job, but we are especially cautious when dealing with fully-loaded containers. Having the right equipment and double-checking cables and ties are key for everything to run smoothly and safely. 

Best Heavy-Duty Towing Service in Los Angeles

Though being a tow truck driver comes with unimaginable risks, our crew at Pepe’s love doing their job, and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Our years of experience have made us one of Southern California’s top towing services. If you need help with heavy-duty towing, call us anytime.