How are light, medium and heavy duty tows classified?

Generally anything under 10k lbs is light, 10,001k – 26k is medium and everything above is heavy.

Regular vehicles or trucks, like a Honda or Ford F-150, would be light. Vehicles like bobtails, U-haul trucks or lunch trucks are medium. Buses, cement mixers, trash trucks, tractor trailers, etc. are heavy duty.

Where do I need to be located to get a tow from Pepe’s?

We service all of LA County including the Long Beach area, Inland Empire, Orange County and anywhere else in California, from San Diego to San Francisco.

How long does it take for a tow truck to come after a call?

We have a large staff of drivers that can leave the shop as soon as we get a call. However, our ETAs vary based on the current traffic conditions during the time of the call.

What types of tow trucks does your company operate?

We have a large fleet of mainly Peterbilt tow trucks ranging from light duty flatbeds to the city of LA's only 75-ton Rotator.

What does it mean to be a OPG unit in Los Angeles?

We have a contract with the city to be one of their heavy duty official police garages. Currently, we are LA's only heavy duty OPG.