Pepe’s Towing was established in early 1979 by its founder Jose Acosta Sr. and wife Delfina. He ran a tow truck operation until March of 1987 when his two sons Jose and Manuel joined the company. Unfortunately, after only five years of having joined their father, he passed away of colon cancer on March 17, 1992. Prior to his passing his sons took the company from sole proprietorship to corporate status with a filing date of March 10, 1992. Jose Acosta Jr. was named president, Manuel Acosta – V.P. and Mrs. Deflina Acosta – Secretary. In Aug. 1992 Manuel chose to expand the company by opening up in the Inland Empire, specifically Riverside, CA leaving the Los Angeles branch to be run by its president Jose Acosta Jr. Pepe Jr’s enthusiasm and fascination with medium and heavy duty towing equipment was quite apparent. Back in July 1990 he purchased a 1991 2 axle International medium duty wrecker in order to qualify for CHP medium rotation. This prompted Pepe Jr. to attain his class “A” drivers license.

                The firm’s first heavy duty tow truck came in May of 1994 with the purchase of a 1989 3X Peterbilt with an integrated body. By March of 1995 Pepe’s Riverside branch purchased a 1990 3X KW w/50 ton fixed boom in order to apply for Riv. CHP heavy rotation. Just months later Pepe Jr. spec’d and ordered a 1997 chassis from Peterbilt and then had it shipped to Indiana where they installed a 50 ton fixed boom. This became their third heavy duty unit which was delivered in Oct. 1996 to the LA branch. Pepe’s tow bought its first Landoll trailer in mid-1997 and then another in early 1998. In 1997, Pepe’s opened a branch in Fontana, CA and that required them to buy another heavy, so in March of 1998 they took delivery of a 1993 4X Peterbilt w/60 ton fixed boom. Five years later the LA branch found the need to acquire a rotator and in April of 2002 Pepe’s took delivery of a 1999 4X Peterbilt w/40 ton Century rotator. A 2001 3X Peterbilt w/Century 7035 was bought in mid-2003 followed by a 2002 3X Peterbilt w/Century 9055 in late 2004. One additional Landoll was added to the LA fleet in 2005. In July 2008, Pepe’s made their biggest acquisition with a 2nd rotator, a 2001 4X Pete w/60 ton 3 stage 2005 Century rotator. Pepe’s Tow Service, Inc. participates on Central’s CHP rotation from their Boyle Ave. hub and on ELA’s CHP rotation from an additional facility located at 1549 N Fishburn Ave., LA 90063. Pepe’s Tow has been on CHP light and medium duty rotation since 1990, and on CHP heavy duty rotation since 1994. With five super heavy tow trucks and two Landolls, Pepe’s serves a variety of commercial customers along with the private sector and the CHP. Customers include: Inland Kenworth, City of Gardena Transit, Coca-Cola, Consolidated Disposal, Cox Petroleum, Crown Lift, Durham Transportation, Penske, and many more.

At this current time Pepe’s owns/operates:

(1)    Peterbilt 379 w/Century 7035 #55

(2)    Peterbilt 379s w/Century 9055 #62, #66

(2) Peterbilt 379s w/B&B 50 & 60 ton fixed booms #19, #23       

(2) Peterbilt  379s w/Century 40 & 60 ton rotators #44, #77

(2) Peterbilt 379s w/Landoll 2X lowboys #20, #21

(1) Peterbilt 379 w/Landoll 3X lowboy #22  

(1) Peterbilt 330 w/Vulcan V-50 #5 (medium)

(1) Peterbilt 335 w/Century 24’ flatbed #4 (medium)

Pepe’s Towing is persistent and consistent on running high power C-15, C-16 CAT engines (475hp-600hp) coupled with 18-speed Fuller transmissions powering 46,000 lbs. rear ends. Tow units have on-board scales (needed for CAL TRANS purple permits). Rotators have color coded winch levers & ID markers. Pepe’s towing has been a proud member of the California Tow Truck Association since 1989. When attending level 6 training classes Pepe’s always volunteers equipment for all to use including both rotators on one occasion. In February 2006, Pepe Jr. took and passed a crane certification course thus enabling him to have a more safe and sound understanding of rotating trucks. On May 8th, 2009 Pepe Jr. spent one week in Heavy rescue Team training at the Los Angeles County Fire Department (Val Verde Facility) with their Search & Rescue Team to be certified to assist with any major catastrophic event in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Mr. Acosta’s devotion to heavy duty towing for more than 15 years has turned into a lifelong commitment to better the towing industry by running clean looking/state of the art equipment paired with experience/knowledgeable operators who aim at safe and efficient productivity day in and day out.

        Furthermore, in the last 15 years Pepe’s  Tow has handled well over 900 big rig casualties ranging from jack-knives, overturned containers and T’T’s, load shifts, trailer lifts, and winch outs. The years from around 1998-2002 when Pepe’s simultaneously held heavy duty tow rotation listing with five local CHP areas (Baldwin Park, Central, ELA, Santa Fe Springs, and south LA) contributed to a great number of those recoveries.