Knowing When to Call a Heavy-Duty Towing Service

Los Angeles is one of the busiest and most traffic-ridden areas in the whole United States. With large amounts of traffic coming in and out of the ports as well as interstate travel, there are bound to be accidents, rollovers, breakdowns and other situations that happen on the road with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Some require light or medium-duty towing. But if you drive a large truck, bus or machinery, you can avoid damage to your vehicle and extra stress by calling on the help of a heavy-duty towing company. Here are some situations and vehicles that require heavy-duty towing.

Vehicles That Require Heavy-Duty Towing

Extreme Vehicles

Anything with more than 6 wheels is considered extreme vehicles as well as ike bobtails, big rigs and trash trucks. There are all kinds of things that can happen when those machines are being operated, and believe it or not, there are instances where extreme vehicles need to be towed. That’s when you’ll need to call a heavy-duty towing company. And make sure it’s one with a robust fleet.

Pepe’s has the most robust towing fleet in Southern California including Big Flipper, the only 75-ton rotator in Los Angeles, and Hulk, one of our 50-ton rotators. With a fleet of over 80 vehicles including flat-bed tow trucks, landolls and more rotators, we are experienced in making sure extreme vehicles get where they need to go after a breakdown or accident.

Semi-Trucks and Trailers

Heavy-duty towing encompasses so many different types of vehicles. But the most obvious one is semi-trucks and trailers. Semi-trucks and trailers are coming in and out of Los Angeles as well as other parts of California and making long trips to various parts of the country.

If there’s ever an emergency or accident involving a semi-truck or trailer, it’s going to require a heavy-duty tow in order to get the vehicle towed efficiently. If you’re ever on the road and an unexpected incident happens, call a heavy-duty tow company like Pepe’s Towing Service to help.


Imagine that you and your family are on the road in your motorhome, ready to see the sights when something goes wrong. Maybe your motorhome overheats or breaks down unexpectedly. ThaIn this situation, you would need a heavy-duty tow to assist you. Depending where you’re traveling and how big your motorhome is, it would be wise to have researched heavy-duty towing companies ahead of time in case you break down in an area you aren’t familiar with. If you’ve got a motorhome, especially one with more than three a that breaks down, it’s not a job that most light or medium duty companies could handle.


Tour buses, school buses and even charter buses need towing sometimes. But those are some big vehicles, that require a lot of power to tow. Pepe’s has the fleet necessary to tow these types of vehicles. Buses are difficult to tow and usually have to be put on a landoll. Since buses can be hard to tow, If you own a company that utilizes buses to transport clients to their destinations, you should have a heavy-duty towing company in case of emergencies. Not all trips go as planned and having a company like Pepe’s Towing Service on call ensures that you are ready for the unexpected.

Call the Best Heavy-duty Towing Company in Los Angeles

We can tell you till we’re blue in the face that we’re the right heavy-duty towing company to support you or your business, but seeing is believing. Check out our YouTube channel for some of our most interesting heavy-duty towing jobs. We’re also open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ready to safely and efficiently tow your heavy-duty vehicle. Next time you’re in need of a heavy-duty tow whether you got in an accident or your motorhome broke down, contact us as soon as possible. We’ll help get your heavy-duty vehicle where it needs to go.