Heavy-Duty Towing Checklist

The Importance of Towing Safety  

Time to strap in everyone! As we covered in our last blog, towing can be a pretty dangerous profession. With an added level of danger, there has to be an equal amount of safety protocols to protect us on every job, no matter how small. Like any heavy-duty towing company, our crew operates with precision on a regular basis and safety is our highest priority. Just how safe do you ask? Take a look at our heavy-duty towing checklist to find out for yourself.  

Heavy-Duty Towing Checklist before Driving

Overall Vehicle/ Engine 

Big rigs mean big engines. Making sure your whole rig is running smoothly and annually serviced is essential. You never want to be on the way to a call and have engine problems, eventually needing to call for a replacement. Routinely checking the oil and brakes give the rig stability because if they are not fully functioning, the results could be disastrous. Working with big loads on a regular basis, these two components are the highest priority for your rig’s maintenance routine. 


When checking your tires, remember to look for damages of any kind. You’ll also want to check the inflation gauge, and the alignment of the tires. The nature of the job increases the wear and tear of the truck. Going to construction sights, off-roading, and even on the freeways, we never know what our fleet may roll up against. Having trustworthy tires and proper tire pressure is insurance that you and your truck will be safe on the job. 


Operating 24/7 means that we are regularly responding to jobs at night when the potential for accidents is increased due to decreased visibility. We have the highest quality headlights, taillights, brake lights, front and rear side markers, and clearance lights to make sure we are always seen. Added to that we also use Guardian Angel Lights for the best lighting on the job (more on those here). We thoroughly clean our rigs to remove any build up over our headlights and taillights. And if a light goes out, we are quick to replace it.


After you’ve checked the exterior of your rig, it’s time to review all of your equipment in your truck. Is everything in the right place? Do you have any worn-out cables or chains? Going through all the equipment thoroughly is continually setting yourself up for success. Not only does it improve your productivity by having an organized kit, knowing where everything is will speed up the rigging process. Having any old cables is extremely unsafe when working with 50 to 75-ton loads. It puts you and others in the work zone at risk. 

Bonus: Snack Stash

This is a Pepe’s secret. In order to keep us from becoming “hangry,” having a cooler full of snacks and drinks for long jobs and distant calls keeps our crew focused and ready to go. With our job being 24/7, we are constantly on the move in the city of Los Angeles. With some jobs lasting for hours, our crew deserves a break time snack and if you’re like me, a Monster or two to make it through the day. 

Heavy-Duty Towing in Los Angeles

With more than 40 years of experience, Pepe’s is built for taking care of LA. With one of the most robust fleets and a professional team of heavy-duty towing experts, no job is too big for our crew. When you call Pepe’s you can rest assured you’re calling in a professional crew of tow truck professionals who will handle the job swiftly and safety for the best possible outcome for everyone involved.