Pepe’s Scariest Recoveries

LA Fright Nights

Bring on the horror! Not every day do we get a quick and easy rollover. We love rolling up to scenes that scare us a bit. The bigger, the better means we get to tackle something exciting. From fire, rain, and hillsides, we’ve compiled Pepe’s scariest recoveries that are bound to send a chill down your spine. 

Recoveries That Gave Us Nightmares

Tractor Dangles Off Freeway

Just by the looks of it, pulling up to this recovery looked like a scene out of a horror movie. A tractor-trailer crashes and is left hanging off the freeway, being held by the container that also caught fire. Luckily, the driver survived and the fire department was able to contain the fire. Once the fire was under control, my dad in Big Flipper (75 ton rotator) and myself in Hulk (50 ton rotator) worked together to clear the freeway before the morning rush. This job was difficult, but with the right equipment, teamwork, and my dad’s experience, we recovered everything safely and efficiently. 

Rescuing Big Rig Stuck in a Tree and Upside Down

One of our scariest recoveries was seeing this tractor-trailer fly into a tree on the freeway. When we arrived, we could see how far the truck was buried in the tree. After some maneuvering, we used Hulk to low pull the rear while Big Flipper attached to the front to pull out. Having my low pull line, allowed Dave to safely pull the truck forward without the risk of it falling back over.

Set of Doubles Crash Lands Off Freeway

The freeways hold the most risk when handling our heavy-duty recoveries. Watch another tough one with a set of doubles going off the freeway. Responded with Big Flipper, our 75-ton rotator, and Hulk, our 50-ton rotator, a match made in heaven to tackle another tough job out there with ease. 

Jack-Knife on Freeway in Rain

LA and rain are not the best combos. We always have to be on high alert when it rains. Rolled up to the scene in Hulk and the first step was to pull out the tractor to straighten it out. Jack-knifes could be tricky, but luckily we’ve done so many of them, it’s become second nature. Watch my dad show his expertise with the rigging!

Tight Recovery on Hillside

Doing recoveries on hillsides is extremely risky with the limited space. We have to be extra careful when arriving at a scene in the hills and make sure we’re bringing the right equipment. Unfortunately, this driver took a wrong GPS turn and found himself in a tight spot. Using that one single piece of equipment, we rigged to both the front and back passenger side of the truck and used multiple snatchblocks and an anchor point to bring everything over simultaneously.

Scariest Recoveries in Los Angeles

After more than 40 years of serving Los Angeles, we have just about seen every possible recovery. However, we sometimes come across jobs that add an extra dose of danger. Nevertheless our skilled team and robust fleet make it possible to handle any job that comes our way. No matter how crazy or scary, these recoveries did not steer us away from getting the job done. Call us to take on your toughest jobs because our team is not afraid of a challenge!