The Dangers of Speeding

Slow Down, Save Lives

Even though we’re supposed to be at home, there are still many people on the roads going about their business, rushing from place to place. That inclination to rush and speed around is part of the reason why we’re still so busy over here at Pepe’s Towing, despite stay at home orders. Speeding was a contributor to 26% of traffic fatalities in 2018. It may seem like common sense to obey the posted speed limits, but people are still going to push those limits. There are many dangers of speeding, many of which we are all too familiar with given the kinds of recoveries we get called to.

Speed Can Be a Killer

Increased Degree of Crash

When you’re driving, you may think you’re in control of your vehicle as its hurdling down the road. But the littlest things can throw you off and make for much bigger problems, like losing control of your vehicle. You know the old saying, “More Money, More Problems?” In this case, it’s “More Speed, More Problems” as the faster you’re going, the more damage you’re going to do to the vehicles and people around you.

For instance, we recently helped recover a Boss 302 Mustang that flew off a cliff. The road was a one-lane highway in the mountains. The driver lost control of the vehicle and the Mustang ended up flying through the guardrail and 400 feet down the side of the mountain. What a waste of a beautiful car, and all because the driver was going just a little bit too fast.

Endangering Those Around You

Right now, there aren’t many people on the roads in Los Angeles. But we’re getting called to accident recoveries daily. The inclination to speed is still something that many people struggle with regardless of how many people are on the road. Pedestrians get the worst of it, risking severe injury at being hit at anything over 10mph. Los Angeles is a crowded city. There’s a lot to deal with, especially on the road. But your car or truck is like a mini speeding bullet, and if you don’t operate it safely, you endanger those around you.

Reduced Reaction Time

When you’re speeding, your reaction time is slowed, but your vehicle isn’t. Things happen very quickly and adjusting to those instances is increasingly hard if you’re speeding. It also takes a much longer distance to brake when you’re speeding, which increases your chances of getting into an accident. Speed limits are there for a reason, regardless of how late you are for your appointment. The more you obey them, the less chance you’ll have of getting into an accident.

Work with the Recovery Experts

Accident recoveries are a bulk of the jobs we get called to, and many of them are due to speeding. While we are more than happy to help with these jobs, we don’t like to see the damage they do to the drivers and vehicles involved in the accidents. Do your part to stay safe on the road. Obey the speed limits and drive assertively so you can avoid having to call us. But if you do get in an accident on the road, you know who to call.